Wesley United Methodist Church
Monday, May 20, 2019
903 Center St., Bryan, Ohio

Wedding Order of Ceremony

A Service of Christian Marriage
The Entrance
Gathering      (instrumental or vocal music may be offered)
Declaration of Intention
Couple's Response
Family Response
Congregational Response
                    (A hymn, solo or instrumental music may be offered)
Proclamation and Response
Scripture Lesson
Intercessory Prayer
The Marriage
Exchange of Vows
Blessing and Giving of Rings
Declaration of Marriage
Lighting of the Marriage Candle
Prayer of Petition
*Thanksgiving and Communion
Taking the Bread and Cup
The Great Thanksgiving
The Lord's Prayer
Breaking the Bread
Give the Bread and Cup
Sending Forth
Benediction      (the couple kiss and recessional begins)
*This portion of the ceremony can be included or omitted as you prefer