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For Parents

Your Role in Forming Your Child's Faith

Being a parent might be a challenge, but the rewards are far too many to count.  Along with the responsibility comes the privilege of caring for your child and the trust God has put in you to raise this precious child as a Follower of Jesus.  In addition to meeting physical needs, as a Christian parent, you also nurture the spiritual needs with constant re-enforcement, guidance, praise and encouragement.
The most important thing to teach your child is they are loved by God.  You do this by simply modeling that unconditional love and accepting them for who they uniquely are.  Convey to them that God was intentional with the personality, physical appearance and abilities he gifted them.  As parents, we help them discover how all gifts are to be used in service to God and instill an attitude of gratefulness.
We also model God's love by showing compassionate and generous behaviors, just as Christ did.  We encourage our children to abide by God with our disciplined practices of bible reading, prayer, service, giving and worship attendance.  The more involved we are, the more involved our children will be and this sets a vital habit for their adolescent and adult years.  Lessons learned at home have more impact than those learned in church, particularly as you identify for your children your own priorities.  Talk openly and frequently in terms your child understands about your beliefs, your love for others, and your love for yourself.  Bless your child each day.  You can use the verses from Numbers 6:24 and Ephesians 3:16.  Pray with your child and invite them to pray aloud also - and pray for your child.  By the age of 7, your child should be able to recite The Lord's Prayer.  
Good parenting also means teaching responsibility and respect for all God has created.  Each day presents moments to draw your child's attention to God's goodness all around us and express your gratitude and fascination.
Look to the church for the encouragement, resources and nurturing you need - we pledged to support you when your child was baptized.  Parenting classes are occasionally offered (look at the web page, Announcements, or the Calendar for mention of them) and you can start a small group with other parents if you would like to.  
This site provides information about Communion for childrenBaptism and Confirmation.

Tell it to your children,
       and let your children tell it to their children,
       and their children to the next generation.

Joel 1:3